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Truck toppers, Caps and Camping Shells:

- Streamline shapes.

- Various interior LED lightings.

- Side couch.

- Solar powered kitchens.

- Side awnings.

- Truck Bed Flooring with Aluminum Diamond Plates.

- Lower Drawers.

- Upper and side windows.

- Inside Air conditioning.

- Fully Closed Mosquito nets.

- 12 Volts hydraulic cylinder pistons for sealing and side doors elevation

Electrical works

- Second battery supply and installation for all kinds of vehicles taking into consideration all necessary safety measures like using special cables, electrical insulators, power converters, controllers, etc.

- Air compressors supply and installation.

- The supply and installation of solar panels.

- Automotive lighting supply and installation for all kind of vehicles and trailers.

- The supply and installation of solar energy kitchens with 220 volts inverters and electrical pots and air ventilation.

- Automotive power inverters supply and installation.

- TV screens supply and installation inside the camper shell.

- Hand basin/ sinks supply and installation with suitable drainage techniques.

- The supply and installation of expanding hoses with electronic-switch water pumps to regulate water flow.


Aroog Alshamal factory for Truck toppers, Camping Shells and trailers is one of the most famous and largest factories in the gulf region specializing in 4X4 camping equipment industry Since its establishment from small workshops back in 2003, factory's work has developed and expanded to cover the increasing demand in the market which lead it to be the top choice of customers not only in Saudi Arabia but in the entire gulf region. This rapid development and expansion couldn't be accomplished without the valuable trust and confidence in Aroog Alshamal brand from our valued customers who remain to be the primary source of support pushing our wheel of progress.

Aluminum Water Tanks

We offer aluminum water tanks that come in all shapes and sizes which fit with all kinds of vehicles. Made from pure aluminum from famous manufacturers, we check the thickness of the aluminum to insure the material quality against unwanted leaking. We also develop some accessories related to this product like:

- High quality water faucets and hoses.

- 12 volts water heaters wired to the tank to insure the availability of warm water during cold weather.

- Two types of water level indicators, the dynamic type with pressure float ball and the electronic type with inside pressure float ball and outside electric wiring and water level indicator screen.

Trailers Manufacturing

Aroog Alshamal manufactures all kind of trailers in various shapes and sizes. The production of automatic electrical trailers with its accessories is custom made according to customer preferences where electrical works like lighting, air-conditioning and solar power are all provided. Also the following trailer types can be produced:

- Carrying trailers Motorbike.

- Camping trailers with their accessories.

- Large size trailers that can be hooked up with vehicles.

- Motorbike hitch trailer hooked to car chassis with folding stairs.

Working Force:

The factory employs large number of specialized, experienced and elite manpower estimated between 120-150 personnel, structured as the following:

Administrative staff:

- The General Manager

- The Supervisors and reception staff

- Liaison and tracking employees

Technical Staff:

- Lighting and wiring electricians.

- Tailors and sewers

- Installation technicians.

- Electronic and air-conditioning technicians.

- Equipment operators.

- Welders and ironsmiths.

Hitch Cargo Carriers "Rear Baskets"

The factory produces two types of hitch cargo carriers, the aluminum type and the steel type. The fitting and installation work is done in professional manner that's compatible with safety standards and match customer's requirements. The hitch cargo carriers are designed for easy removal and installation and to be compatible with all kinds of vehicles.

4X4 Sport Utility Vehicles Modifications:

- Modified front and rear bumpers supply and installation.

- Modified shock absorbers and suspension coil springs supply and installation.

- Various types of bumper winches supply and installation.

- Roof Top Cargo Baskets supply and installation.